Glad you stopped by! Vatsal Shah here. Welcome to my corner of the web.

Web Presence

Here’s a summary of my journey so far:

  • Grew up in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) playing lots of sports (mostly Cricket, but also Soccer & Basketball & Ping-Pong) and reading a bunch of  books in my Grandpa’s Library
  • Undergrad in Computer Engineering
  • Immigrated with my family to the US @NYC
  • Master’s in Computer Science (@NYUCourant)
  • Startup in NYC building a web-scale search-engine
  • Investment Management @GoldmanSachs
  • MBA at @NYUStern – Where I had the two best years of my life. Learnt a lot and made a lot of good friends.
  • Interned/Consulted for some awesome startups (@Outbrain, @ItBit, @FundersGuild, @Buffer)
  • Strategy @Verizon – Yes 5G is coming 🙂


I tweet often. Mostly about Investing, Technology, Strategy, Cricket, History, Philosophy, Humor, Startups, Cryptocurrencies. I know, cannot help it, a variety of subjects fascinate me. @vatsals


Here’s a not-so-updated list of books I have been reading.


Once in a while, I get the creative juices flowing. My recent obsession is Mental Models and Strategy Frameworks, stuff like “How to think” and “How to think about thinking”. I plan on writing more around these topics.

Here’s a link to my blog.


I listen to a lot of podcasts. Grateful to be born in an era where I get to drink from the proverbial fire-hose and consume all of this knowledge & wisdom, for free!